Recently in my life I have been considering my future in life by becoming a gaming producer.And randomly while I was chilling on my front porch I got a random thought about a cool idea for a game.It just came so out of nowhere and in my opinion,it sounds pretty freaking cool.If I reach my game developer dreams,I want to work more on this idea and this idea could make one hell of a game.I haven’t come up with a name yet but it will come to me.For now,let’s just name it project J.


What would you do one day,if you woke up inside a world,where nothing exists,but everything lives.Where you are stuck inside an endless dream of pain…..death….misery and a test of sanity.A place where you can’t adapt,because something you saw yesterday,can be something from your darkest nightmares.This place is something called the human mind.The human mind can either be a sanctuary of your dreams,wishes,good memories and love….or…….it can be an endless pool of suffering and pain and misery.It’s volatile and unpredictable,anything can happen because nothing ever exists but everything can live and breath,in their own imagination.This place can be a very dark and ugly place,but that’s where we will be going.Our physical and mental limits will be tested.Our minds will be unleashed to the unknown.We are prey,we are predator,we are dead and alive all at the same time.We are in the mind of a madman…….so nothing exists….and everything lives……in their own imagination.

To put my idea in normal version:

I want to make a survival horror game in which you are stuck inside a mental patients mind.You are in the mind of a madman and everything is unpredictable.The world can change in a split second and this would be a fantastic horror type game.I am not gonna reveal any more information on my idea for certain reasons,but maybe it could be open-world.That would make a sick game and one day,I would hope to see this game on the shelves of video game stores in the future as this is by far my most imaginative idea ever.


Dying light:Tips for survival

Dying light is a fantastic game.But in those first few hours you may find yourself easily overwhelmed at the games size and difficultly.But no worries fellow Zombie hunters,I will guide you through the tough times and will help you conquer the apocalypse.


Run or die

One of the games main features is a seamless parkour free running system that let’s you run and climb up on building easily to escape Zombie purseurs.It can be a little overwhelming to learn at first but find nice little spot with no infected and practice.Practice your jumping,climbing and see what things you can and cannot climb on.In a few tries you should be able to do good at parkour and it will play a key role in survival.Once you mastered how to do that you can combine it with combat to make deadly moves such as leg break.Parkour is a serious element you must master.


Rooftops are your absolute best friend in parkour.They allow you to easily go above your zombies and will help you avoid encounters with them.Most infected are not on roofs,well most with occasionally a biter or two hanging on the roofs.But if you have limited supplies you can use this to your advantage to avoid major infected and avoid being lunch.


A deadly Volatile is something you will want to avoid

Dying light has a dynamic day- night and weather system.It is fantastic but it has a dramatic affect on the world.The infected become stronger and evolve and probably the worst thing is the Volatiles.They are super powerful infected what only come out at night.Their speed is much faster than Kyle’s and their strength and resistance is powerful,able to take on massive amounts of punishment without flinching.They are the strongest enemy in the game and I strongly recommend avoiding them.If you have to go out at night just use their only weakness(a UV light)what blinds and stuns them for a brief time so you can get the heck out of their.But the night as some advantages.You can earn double xp points by travelling by night and it can quickly raise your levels.


Loot is what you need to develop new weapons,gadgets,tools,med kits etc.This is another key to survival in Harran.You can make some pretty awesome things from loot.Got a pipe,pimp it out with a shock light to make barbecued zombie,or put a saw blade on it to make those zombies heads fly.Get Dying Light the following DLC,you can take customisation further with a Dune Buggy.You can even trip it out with cool flamethrowers to make those infected roast.


Dying light isn’t a kind of hack and slash game,it’s a real survival simulation.So the main goal is to overcome every obstacle in the easiest and most efficient way.So think realistically.Dying light has a vast creativity system.See a puddle of water and lots of zombies around it.Activate the nearest Street light and shock them down.Make a car battery bomb to explode those zombies sky high.Get creative and get ready for some great views.


There is a wide variety of zombies in Dying light.From the slow biters,to the big demolishers,to the fastest of Volatiles and many many more.But you have to know the weaknessesof your enemies.From instance a huge demolisher will not be able to climb up high buildings,the Volatiles are strong and fast but they are weak to UV lights and so on.


The phrase silence is golden can absolutely save your life inow Dying Light.So you have to know one thing,sound attracts infected.Any loud and robust sound will attract your friendly neighbourhood infected.One mistake people make is jumping on roofs.Now rooftop travel is awesome and safe but if you fall from quite a height the roof can and will break and it will make quite a big noise,attracting the fast and agile Virals.Trust me you don’t want to have to come in contact with Virals unless you are prepared.Other things include explosions from propane tanks,infected screams and gunshots.Rather avoid guns and stick with melee weapons to avoid a battle with Virals.


Dying light offers players a chance to cause chaos with over 100 weapons.Including from basic pipes and table legs to advanced katanas and khopeshs.But it doesn’t stop right there,you can use over the top modifications to make weapons of destruction for your foes.The only way to do that is to uncover blueprints across Harran.However you need materials to create these weapons,but you will be much safer when you have a serrated fire dagger than an old rusty pipe against Harran’s dangers.


One of the games best abilities is Leg Break.It allows players to break some infecteds legs so they are immobile,basically making them a pushover rather than a threat.You should invest your skill points to get this skill as it has helped me out of numerous situations.Btw…it’s by the agility/parkour section,so parkour saves us again.

Well that’s it.Harran is a vast and dangerous place,so keep your head straight,your weapon ready and your parkour skills warmed…as this will be one of the most difficult challenges yet.Follow my tips,get ready and just enjoy it.

So good night and good luck.



I am glad I live in one of the greatest,most diverse places in the world.Cape Town is the mother city.It has plenty to see and do.I have lived here my whole life and I would like to share some expert knowledge.If you are a tourist and are looking for adventures and good times,look no further.

Visit the famous Cape Town Museum

Explore the rich history of the Cape by visiting our Musuem.This huge building has 4-5 floors of complete knowledge and history.It explores many of our factors.Such as bones figures of our ancient animals,old weapons used in our wars,pictures and demonstrations of how the ancient San and Khoi lived and even minerals from our deepest mines.Some of the exhibits even have things you can touch such as pottery and artifacts.If you bringing kids,they have plenty of activities they can do.Such as touching spiders,face paint like our ancient ancestors and even a movie of history.There is plenty to see here at the museum.

Go to the Cape Gardens

Right outside the museum,the garden is a wild and diverse area filled with activities.You can be walking for hours on end in the near endless park.There is a main path and the smaller paths.The main path contains all sorts of activity.There are lots of little stalls there selling little items like beadnecklaces,rings,pottery and more.There are also toys for the little ones.There are a couple of snack stalls if you need a quick bite.If you need any entertainment there are some street performers.Today their was guitarists,traditional African dancer’s and even comedians.But the smaller paths is where the action is.Filled with trees and many bushes,there is plenty to find around every corner.The diverse amount of wildlife can be interacted with.The Geese,squirrels,bird life and many others can be fed and petted.If you are lucky you spot the rare albino squirrel.A pure white squirrel and there’s is only one in the entire park.Are u lucky enough to snap a picture,I saw it twice but never got a picture.There is also a weird rat and squirrel crossbreed what I spotted a few times and ran away every time.Their are also plenty of secrets around the bushy forests.Their are San and Khoi statues hidden around,probably left their and the forest took over it.Like this strange altar

Lol I just had to do that

There is also some great history in the park.Visit the VOC vegetable garden.That’s where the Dutch grew there crops to eat when they arrived in the Cape.There is even a little fancy bistro cafe.There is so much to discover.

Go to the infamous Rust-en-Vredg manor

As you are heading around the Cape take a stop by the most haunted place in Cape Town.It’s a 2 story manor,painted orange and covers a massive piece of land with a huge garden.

A front view of the manor

It was inhabited by a corrupted governor who lived in the Cape in the 17-1800s.He died and the house was left.Now it’s open as a museum to the brave and curious.The manor is presumed haunted by the governor and other inhabitants. Visitors experience being pushed,touched and hear footsteps.I have my own share of experiences.When I came in an apparition of a man showed up on the stairs.Further I felt a slight touch on my left shoulder.As I was exploring the 2nd floor(alone)I heard lots of footsteps and it was getting louder and louder.I just ran away quickly and didn’t look back.If you are visiting take a look up at the windows.Legends say you might be able to catch a look at the governor himself in his long orange coat and top hat,still looking over his garden like he was still alive.This is just another of our famous attractions.





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This is my first big blog.I hope to make it big with multiple chapters.It’s a fanfic of Last of us but has nothing to do with the story.I hope you guys enjoy because I put hours of work into it.I hope this will be what really puts me on the WordPress map.That this will be that one blog what really gets traffic.But hope you enjoy it.I will make multiple chapter.Chase Walker was a simple military soldier before the Corderceps fungus hit and wiped out millions of humans while the others turned into cannibalistic creatures.He stays in the safe zone with his niece,Chelsea.But his life in the safe zone is quickly over when he learns his family is alive.


Chase was in his apartment in the safe zone.He stared over the city and imagined how it was before the outbreak.Staring at the parks where children used to play,the stores where people used to work and the homes,where all the families use to live,all gone to shit because of the outbreak.He was thinking all this as he was sipping his whiskey.

Uncle,Uncle Chase,a small soft spoken voice shouted.

It was Chelsea,his 13 year old niece who he got stuck with after the outbreak.

Hey sweetie,how was your day at school(Chase asked)

It was cool I guess,I would much rather be out with you when you are doing your daily guard shifts(Chelsea said in a soft tone)

Hey,its way too dangerous,you know that,I would never forgive myself if you got hurt(Chase said in a serious manner)

Fine,alright Uncle Chase.But you need to teach me how to do some of your army techniques(Chelsea said in a excited way)

Huh,sure Chelsea.You want some food,it’s not exactly first class but it will fill that hole in that deep void of yours(Chase said jokingly while searching the cupboard)

Ha ha,sure I’m hungry


Come on Chelsea it’s almost 10:00pm you need to get to bed(Chase said)

Ooooo come on Uncle Chase,I’m a teenager,I think I can stay up till late and wake up in time for school(Chelsea said in a proud tone)

Room,sleep,now(Chase said in a calm manner)

Arrrrgh,fine I’ll go (Chelsea said)

Chelsea went to be and Chase was up reading some old books.He dozed off for a few minutes but was awoken by a knock on the door.

Chase opened the door and a big man in black clothing came up.

Yes,what do you need(Chase asked cautiously)

A letter for a Chase Walker(the figure said in a deep voice)

Sure,thanks(Chase said)

Chase opened the letter and it stated it was from his sister and mother who were deep up at a safe zone in the forests near the border to Canada.He was overjoyed,he believed they died but they are still alive.He was just surprised,but he was disrupted by another knock on the door.It was his buddy James.

Hey James you never gonna believe this my family is…..

No time Chase,an entire army of bandits are heading this way,they are planning an attack any minute now(James said in a distressed voice)

Dammit,shit I will wake Chelsea up now(Chase said)

Chelsea,Chelsea wake up we under attack(Chase said in a serious manner)

Crap let’s go (Chelsea rushed)

They took a backpack full of supplies and Chase too his trusty shotgun and pistol.As Chelsea was getting ready, James gave her a short snubnose revolver.

What the hell are you doing(Chase said in a stressed manner)

Girls gonna have to learn sometime Chase and that sometime is now. (James said)

Whatever fine(Chase said looking to the ground)

Follow me if you wanna live,I know an escape route(Said James)

The group ran out of the apartment building into an alleyway.They saw soldiers fighting oncoming bandits.James and Chelsea went through a small passage between buildings.Before Chase could get in,a bandit hit him with a plank on his nose.Chase immediately got up, punched the bandit on his chest and picked up a brick and smashed it through the bandits face.The group continue to run and avoid bandits until they get to the secret exit.By the exit they are attacked by 3 bandits holding heavy fire carbine rifles.They are pinned down.

Crap,crap,crap,I don’t think we’re going to make it out of here(Panicked James)

Wait,do you hear that screaming,it can’t be,it’s,it’s infected(Chase said in surprise)

They watch some infected runners attack the bandits,tearing them to shreds.The infected continue to go on.

Damn, did that just happen(shouted Chelsea)

It did and watch your language young lady(Said Chase)

The group continue to the exit and get out of the safe zone.They head to the forests and camp out for the night.

What’s our next move(asked Chelsea)

I really don’t know(replied James)

Well Chelsea,I have some news.A letter came in right before the attack,it has news that my sister,your mother is still alive with Grandma(Said Chase with a smirk on his face)

Are you joking,oh man,I am so happy right now(she said as she was hugging Chase and crying)

Where are they now(asked James)

Well that’s the bad part,they are all the way up country near the Canadian border(stated Chase)

We not getting there anytime soon I can say,we can’t travel that distance on foot,it would take months not to mention bandits and infected slowing us down along the way(James said)

It doesn’t matter,we are going to do whatever it takes to get to my mother(said Chelsea in a serious voice)

Sure we got the long term plan clocked but what next,week will need supplies and proper weapons,I don’t have tat much ammo to go on for such a trip(stated Chase)

Well,how about Charles bar town(said James)

No way,not a place for a little girl.That place is filled with liars,criminals and backstabbers.A guy could be shaking your hand and stealing from you at the same time. (Chase said while smirking)

Come on Uncle,I am grown now,I have a gun,I can handle myself(said Chelsea)

No way,you could barely call that a town,all the people are criminals basically,it’s basically a gang hideout(said Chase)

My friend are you forgetting that the Bar Town is the only place in the US that has cars what can ride,it would make our journey a lot quicker too your family(said James)

That town ain’t no charity case man,we gonna have to do dirty work for those thieves.(said Chase)

You’re right.Wait,remember those sewer tunnels we used when we had to escort those civilians out to safety.It would make the journey out of the state more straightforward(said James)

Wait,aren’t you guys just normal guards,why were you out of our safe zone(asked Chelsea in curiosity)

That’s a story for another day.Yeah I remember,we could use those times cross some distance quickly(said Chase)

Only problem is that it is filled with Infected.Not the places for a girl like Chelsea(said James)

Stop treating me like I’m a little girl!!I’m not a weak little fragile thing.I can take care of myself(shouted Chelsea)

Listen Chelsea!You don’t know what it is on the outside of a safe zone.Right now we sitting ducks out here in the wild.Every moment we are on the outside,we are prey,we are always in danger.In a second we could all be dead.Thats why you just follow us and do whatever the hell we say if you want to live. (Shouted Chase)

The group stayed silent for a few seconds

Arrrgh,I’m sorry Chelsea,I shouldnt have said that.I just don’t want you to get hurt OK,you are my family,even though you are my niece,you are lie my own daughter(said Chase while looking down)

I know Uncle(Chelsea said after hugging Chase)

We best get some shut eye(said James)

We have a long road ahead but we will be ready for everything comes along(said Chase)

How was it.My first fanfic.It will continue with Chase and Chelsea’s journey to find her mother and grandmother.I apologise if there are any bad language here and there but I want to give an authentic read.Give a comment about how it was and if you can,leave a comment.I really hope you guys love this and it will get some traffic.I’m getting really serious about blogging 



If you can name any game(only current gen or last gen)and ask for tips about that game,I would gladly do it.To enter simply follow me,like this post and leave your request in the comments section.Just put the game name and I will give the tips in a blog post. The tips might not come immediately,maybe a few hours,a few days,but it will get done.



This is a real story what happened to me today.It’s a little freaky but very comforting.Really interesting too.I was just eating at Burger King when this happened and this will be in my memory forever.

I was just a normal guy having some supper at one of my favourite restaurants,Burger King.It was a nice outing with my wonderful family.I ordered a nice whopper burger,a Mountain Dew,some French fries and a Oreo ice cream.Really delicious and I was so full.As I was relaxing and chatting to my family,a woman came in.This is where it’s gets interesting.

It was a woman,she wore a long dress and a pink silk jersey.She looked under privileged.She came directly to us and asked for spare change.And then we gave her and she immediately left.She didn’t even ask anybody else she just went out the door.I saw a pen fall out of her pocket.She was already outside so I picked it up and ran after her.I saw she go into an alleyway.I ran after her and I was shouting LADY HERE’S YOUR PEN.She didn’t hear me.I stopped because she was a quite distance away.When she reached the corner of the alley,she looked like she was fading.She looked transparent as she was walking.She looked back at me and smiled.And she dissappeared into thin air right in front of my eyes.I was standing in shock for a decent 10 seconds.I then went to where she dissappeared and then on the ground I saw my change I gave her laying neatly on the floor.It sent chills down my spine but I felt comfort.It could have been a form of angel who was testing us to give to the needy.It is a good feeling to know that someone’s watching over you.Pretty good day and a day I will never forget.




Assassins creed is one of the most popular franchises in the world.It has gone into a bit of slouch with its games getting worse as it goes.But every parent should buy this for their young child and here’s a very good reason why.

If you’re a parent with your child in a game store and he/she sees an Assassins creed game, you should definitely pick it up.Without you realising,Assassins creed puts something that kids hate and kids love.VIDEO GAMES AND HISTORY.My history teachers class was boring and we were doing the Renaissance,a very long topic.I had an issue with concentrating because  class was so boring.We had a big test on the Renaissance and I was panicking a little as it was probably going to be tough.Even though I was good in it I still panicked.But that was all gonna change one day.

One Friday afterschool my mother asked me to go pick up a package from my Aunt who worked at the bakery in the shopping mall which was right next to my school.I then went off to the mall and picked up the package,which I could smell was freshly baked cake.As I was exiting I saw a game shop,it was new as I never saw it there before.I entered to see their stock of games and saw Assassins creed 2 for ps3 on sale.I read at the back it was featured in the Renaissance,I was a bit unsure to buy it or not as my mom said I could have a game that weekend.But the next day I took it and loved it.It showed me a brand new perspective of the Renaissance.I imagined it would be paradise but it was a cruel and hard time.It included great historical people like Leonardo Da Vinci.And when I completed with game,I gained so much Renaissance knowledge and guess what,I got full marks on my History paper on it.AMAZING.Assassins creed makes history fun and I think this a game for everyone.



I am sorry I haven’t blogged in a while to all my followers and other people interested in my content.I have been having days of partying and waking up late afternoons with my buddies after having long nights playing video games and doing funny things.But back to the point,I’m sorry and I promise that I will try to continue making my blogs anytime I can.I won’t take a holiday break,I will continue throughout the holidays as much as I can.Hope all you guys have a great Christmas and holidays and have a good new year.To a safe and prosperous year of family,fun and of course to the great video games coming out next year.So have a great time and hope you have a great new year.

-From ModernGamer/Jaden


Amazing games I never finished 

Every gamer has games what they never completed.No matter who you are,you should have a couple of games you never played done.We may sometimes feel ashamed about it even.But here are some amazing,top class games what I never completed.


The best game of 2015 and a contender to be one of the best open world rpg games to ever lay our eyes on.The witcher 3 follows Geralt of Rivia,a monster hunter who must search for his daughter Ciri who is being relentlessly pursued by supernatural forces.The game features a rich and vibrant open world what no other game compares with.Even Grand theft auto 5 struggles to match against this.Every piece of ocean,forest and city is available to explore.With likeable characters,a story with fun,fights and tragedy,breathtaking world and visuals and the power of role playing,this game is everything what a nearly perfect game needs.But it has plenty of flaws to too.The User-Interface is tremendously clunky and stupid.The words are written so tiny I had to lean forward to read them sometimes.But the reason why I never completed it is the sheer length of the game.The story line plus side quests is well over 200 hours.I bought it 2 months ago and I was still busy with it last week.The story line gets you involved in many other quests and antics to find Ciri.From finding the wife and child to even staging a play.It’s certainly fun but it feels like the story is dragged.The longer you play the game the duller it’s gets.I was so sick of doing this quests for people so I could learn something about Ciri.One day I was so angry with the story being dragged and just swapped it for Call of Duty black ops 3.


Also released in 2015,MGS is an amazing open world tactical espionage game.While I cannot explain the story quite in detail to you because MGS is notorious for its wacky story lines.This follows Big boss and his quest for revenge,while still building up his very own Base and army called the Diamond dogs.I never expected that I would like the game but it was spectacular.But unfortunately the game suffers a few flaws.How about we start out by the open world.When you think open world you probably going to think Grand theft auto,Assassins creed and such games.But Metal gear is nowhere near as expansive as other open world games.The games world is dead.Just miles of sand,small bushes,rocks and the occasional animal.Come on!Its was 2015 when that came out,I have never seen such a dead world since skyrim.But for what it lacks in style it makes up in amazing gameplay what gives players a variety of tools to make the battlefield their playground of creativity.The thing what I hate most about the game is the bossh battles.I really don’t like boss battles and this games boss battles are very frustrating including the Skulls(a group of bionic Assassins)and the man of fire(a devil like man who is covered in fire).These things just make the game fake for me and I completely lose interest in it.


In my defense I played the ending by a friends house so that counts but I never finished it on my own.I think all you guys know about last of us so I will just cut to the chase.While the last of us infected are terrifying and insane,the humans what you face along the way pose as dangers too.By humans I mean our friendly neighbourhood psychopath,DAVID!He is the leader of a group of bandits what shoots anyone on sight and takes their things.Man,woman,child,they are brutal and their life is just killing and robbing.That’s why David has to die.In the one chapter you play as Ellie where you get captured by David,you escape and he finds you again and it’s just one on one with David.Sure you might think,just one guy.But David is incredibly strong and dangerous,even willing to rape Ellie so they can repopulate the world.But the fight with him is the real problem.It’s pretty simple,sneak behind his back,stab him,run and hide, repeat.This fight is really tough and after 4 failed attempts ending with David’s machete hooked into Ellies neck,I gently put down my duelshock 4 control and never played it again.All until I lended it to a friend and we finished it together.


I have heard many stories and praises towards this game called Mirrors Edge.I never heard of it,it came out around 2008 I believe and since it was 2015 I bought it for my Playstation 3,not many shops had it in stock.But one day I saw it at a second hand shop and took it.Before I played it I googled reviews about it and I saw it got around 8 and 9 out of 10 so then I thought it was going to be good.When I first put it in and played I was a little underwhelmed.The story is basically about a woman named Faith and she does parkour.She basically tries to bring down the oppressive city,I’m not really sure since I didn’t really care for the story.But in general I didn’t like the game.The world was so dull and everything was white.Really boring.I didn’t like any of the characters and the story lost all of my interest.I suppose the parkour was good but that’s about it.I really couldn’t play it much longer as my body immediately lost interest.I have no idea why it got good reviews.




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After years of waiting for news,Last of us 2 finally came up in a trailer.The trailer shows the return of Joel and Ellie but it seems much darker.So much questions yet no answers,this game is going to be great and we all know it.I want to talk about literally everything about it.


The duo from part 1 returns in this sequel.Many rumors were made saying Joel and Ellie would be replaced but those were proven very wrong.In my opinion,Joel and Ellie are one of a kind and it was definitely a good step on keeping them.Ellie is going to star as the main character in some kind of revenge story what seems very dark and grim.


The trailer starts off with an older,rougher looking Ellie singing a song with a guitar.She honestly looks pretty damn roughed up.Then we will see a dead body next to her.Then Joel will come in and he will ask Ellie”are you sure you want to go through with this”.She replies saying”I will find and kill every last one of them”.Sounds like a gruesome revenge story.But what is Ellie going to do.Is she going after the Fireflies,because in the trailer it clearly shows a Firefly logo on a street sign,indicating that they are involved in the story.Does Ellie find out that Joel was lying to her at the end of Last of us and it builds up to a climactic end.So much could happen here.Or could this bring Ellie to finding out more about her mother,so much is possible.Another thing to take in is Ellies tattoo.I don’t think it’s there for nothing as it is the first thing what is shown of Ellie.It could maybe show a plant or herb of some sort,what does that have to do with anything,who made it,why was it made and what affect does this have on the story.The director of Naughty dog”Neil Druckmann”revealed that this is going to be darker between Joel and Ellie,I am actually a little worried about this,I don’t want Ellie to be completely hateful towards Joel,he is the only reason she is alive.But Neil said that”they will do the story right for us”and I put my trust in those words.So will last of us stack up against its critically acclaimed predecessor,will it be a downgrade or will it further exceed it’s predecessor.

Last of us 2 will be released in 2018 for latest.Unless with delays.Do u believe this is going to be amazing.I know I do.I promise if I hear the smallest bits of news,I will update this blog and I will keep it going all until 2018.Really can’t wait.Can you guys please leave a like and leave a comment if you want to say anything.